At Issue (Spring 2021)

This analytical set provides a wide range of opinions on
controversial subjects including nuclear anxiety, open borders, money
laundering, and food security. Each volume includes primary and secondary
sources from many perspectives and a variety of sources including journals,
newspapers, books, websites, and government agencies.
Key features of each

• Curated selections of contemporary articles guide students in
considering all sides of controversial issues

• Viewpoint introductions
assist readers in understanding the key arguments made by each viewpoint

Volume introductions provide students with unbiased information about the
topic's historical and political context

Single Copy Set List: $139.00 / S&L: $111.20

Reading Level: 10-12+

Interest Level: 9-12+

Product type: Single Copy Set
ISBN: 978-1-5345-0753-1
Copyright: 2021
Language: English