At Issue (Spring 2021)

This analytical set provides a wide range of opinions on
controversial subjects including nuclear anxiety, open borders, money
laundering, and food security. Each volume includes primary and secondary
sources from many perspectives and a variety of sources including journals,
newspapers, books, websites, and government agencies.
Key features of each

• Curated selections of contemporary articles guide students in
considering all sides of controversial issues

• Viewpoint introductions
assist readers in understanding the key arguments made by each viewpoint

Volume introductions provide students with unbiased information about the
topic's historical and political context

Library Set List: $197.00 / S&L: $157.60

Reading Level: 10-12+

Interest Level: 9-12+

Product type: Library Set
ISBN: 978-1-5345-0746-3
Copyright: 2021
Language: English